redCall - life, in phone calls!

Winner of the London Entrepreneurship Forum 2015 First Prize - Voted Most Promising Startup!

About redCall

redCall allows you to share moments by making a phone call to many people at once. You will hear from your friends, community and celebrities live and more personally than ever!

The way it works: your audience add you as a speaker on the redCall app, after which whenever you want to share with them a moment, you would go on redCall, record a voice message and press send. Instantaneously, your audience phones will ring as if you are calling them - exactly replicating a phone call. Your audience would pick up and listen to your call. Whether you are redCalling your friends and family: "She said yes!” or you are receiving a redCall from your favourite singer releasing her latest hit, redCall is a great way to share the moment and be the first to know!

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